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Kakadu Traders Australia

Kakadu Ball Cap

Kakadu Ball Cap

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  • This is a collector's piece, so don't cry on my shoulder if you don't already have one. The KAKADU BALL CAP is built from our 12 oz MicroWax oilcloth so water peels off it like water on a ducks back. We spent a fortune slapping our logo everywhere so you can advertise the hell out of our brand. To wear this cap you already know that woman will say, "there goes a guy with great taste". Not a lot left to say, it's a baseball cap.

  • One Size

  • 12oz. MicroWax Oilcloth 100% Cotton

    Understanding MicroWax
    Products made using our MicroWax cloth are as tough as they come - water-repellent, abrasion-resistant & breathable.  The breathability arises from the fabric's crystalline structure which varies and aligns with an increase of body heat, thereby allowing sweat in the form of water vapour to escape.

    To clean your MicroWax oilcloth garment, simply wipe or hose down with tepid water, then hang to dry in a cool, well ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

    Do NOT use hot water, machine wash or dry clean. Don't use any soap or detergents and don't force dry in front of any heat source.

    Oilcloth garments should be reproofed every 2-3 years depending on wear, using Kakadu's MicroWax Reproofing Cream.
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