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Kakadu Traders Australia

Blackwell Shapeable Hat

Blackwell Shapeable Hat

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  • Now we are getting into the real old cowboy look, you can almost taste the grit between your teeth. The Bark is the texture on the leather that gives it that real earthy feel. The BLACKWELL HAT is a leather hat with a mid high pinched crown, shape-able medium brim, and a three strand hand braided hatband.
  • Size Guide: S, L-XXL

    Check out how to measure to get your perfect hat size click here

  • 100% Full Grain Embossed leather
    Specially treated leather has rich dull lustre. The embossing technique adds a subtle aged effect.

    Brush off surface dirt using a soft brush or wipe off surface dirt using a damp cloth and allow to air dry.
    Occasionally rub in a quality leather dressing which will keep the leather pliable.
    Ensure that the leather is not subjected to extreme heat.
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