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Kakadu Traders Australia

Bushranger Leather Hat

Bushranger Leather Hat

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  • One of the first hats in the collection and a definite Kakadu Classic, the BUSHRANGER HAT is a leather hat with a high pinched crown that has been fitted with ventilation eyelets, 3-strand hatband, medium brim, and a built-in chinstrap facility.

  • Size Guide: XS, S, M, XXL

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  • 100% Genuine Grain Leather
    Specially treated leather with a smooth, rich, dull lustre that is free from all surfaces imperfections. A firm handle that will relax with age.

    Brush off surface dirt using a soft brush or wipe off surface dirt using a damp cloth and allow to air dry. Occasionally rub in a quality leather dressing to keep the leather pliable.
    Ensure that the leather is not subjected to extreme heat.
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